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Welcome to Celibrate

Whether you consider yourself celibate, chaste, a virgin, abstinent or asexual, Celibrate is for you. Maybe you are waiting for marriage, adapting to a life of celibacy or simply enjoying your celibate life regardless. Or maybe you aren't celibate any more, but celibacy has benefited you in the past and you would like to share that with others.

Whatever has brought you to this site, we welcome you to Celibrate, the first ever organisation of its kind, catering for those living without sex and enjoying life regardless. In our over-sexualised society, one would be forgiven for thinking that everyone is either having or wants sex, but this is simply not the case. All over the world, people are living happy and fulfilled lives without sex being a part of it.

Celibrate, a not-for-profit organisation, aims to counteract the sexualisation of our society and the harm this has done by providing support, encouragement and reassurance to everyone, regardless of age, background or faith, who is living without sex. Our motto is simply - no sex, so what!

Celibrate has been launched in response to the lack of information, advice and support for those who choose to live without sex, whether that is a temporary or permanent decision. In particular, we aim to promote virginity as something to be treasured; to raise awareness about asexuality and to bring together and support all others living without sex. Opting out of casual sex and a society that promotes promiscuity over chastity could be your best decision yet.

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Bethany is looking forward to her dream wedding

When I was a little girl I always thought that sex was only for marriage...
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Ajay prefers to dance and talk

I have a low sex drive so my idea of a good time is dancing or just talking.....
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Mary has endometriosis

Celibacy has brought Mary and her husband closer.....
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