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Real life

Ashley is getting ready to celebrate his 50th year of retaining his virginity

Believe it or not, I'm a celibate virgin at almost 50 years of age, and don't regret it for one minute.  Yes, I have dated girls and even had one serious relationship.  However, I feel pleased to say that I am still chaste.  In fact, a lot of what your lovely Charlotte Baird has said in the media rings true with me.  I can totally identify with both her and the cause.

What happened on my dates?.  Well, in all cases, we had to part company in the end, for personal reasons, and in each case it was for the best for both of us.  Looking back, many of the women had come from broken homes or an otherwise unstable background and they always wanted to get married.  I can understand that - they craved stability and love. But I was happy as a single celibate man and felt I couldn't provide that, although I wish each one of them well and there were no hard feelings.

Of course it's not easy being a celibate male in today's ever-increasingly permissive world, especially as some female skirts only just cover the middle. These girls might feel attractive but might they not be attracting the wrong attention?

I have lived a fulfilled life and have always remained busy and content.  From being a Boy's Brigade leader to studying with the Open University, I have always tried to live as full, active and compassionate a life as possible.  I'm currently a broadcaster with a hospital radio station which is both rewarding and enjoyable.

As my 50th birthday approaches, I can honestly say that I am not worried in the slightest about the fact that I'm still a virgin.  In fact, I'm going to celebrate it!

Uploaded in May, 2009