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People with no interest in sex

By John Rippin

I WAS delighted to read the other day that a growing number of people are not interested in sex. We live in a society that is obsessed with the mating game, and it's "easy to assume that the whole population is at it like rabbits.

But researchers have found that a small - but I expanding - section of the population is asexual.

They are not people who have chosen to remain celibate for religious reasons. They simply have no desire to be physically intimate with anyone.

There is a desperate need for the voice of the asexuals to be heard. For they provide a much-needed antidote to the obsession with sex that is causing so much damage in Britain today.

The asexuals, for whom there is an online group, will no doubt come in for criticism. It will be said that sex makes the world go round and that an interest in the subject is only natural.

But perhaps the asexual movement will restore a bit of balance.