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Out and about in Northampton

Tom (16) says:

Sexually transmitted diseases kinda puts me off sex before marriage. My parents think I won’t stick to my decision but God wants us to be clear of all sexual sins so I’m definitely gonna keep to it until I’m married. I have been out with a girl who knew I had made a commitment – all we did was kissing – and she was pleased that I had made the decision to wait. Too many people have sex without commitment and that is how infections are spread. If I ever felt tempted I would talk to my good friends who also think the same way and are supportive of my decision.

Jack (16) says:

When I go to school, most people are in relationships, having sex and saying how good it is and how I should try it too, but I definitely want to wait until marriage and want to wait until I meet someone with the same mindset. So many people are having sex and not using protection. I would say to everyone that they should wait until they meet the right person and don’t just go with the crowd.

Carl (15) says:

The effect that premarital sex can have on a child that is then born made me think. As a Christian, I feel that sex is a very important, loving and intimate thing that should only be shared with the right person – that one person who God gives to you as your future husband or wife. Most of my Christian friends feel the same way but outside of the Christian community I don’t tend to talk about it because I worry about how people will react. My faith has really helped and I pray that God will help me to keep to my decision to wait until marriage. I feel that sex is becoming too open, being given to anyone, and sexually transmitted diseases thrive in this environment. The only way to stop this is to teach people about them and to convince them to save themselves and not give sex so freely. Some people might say I’m missing out, but in fact they are because if they do eventually get married, sex will not be anything special.

Tom, Jack and Carl are role models for Birmingham