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No sex at all is more gratifying than these silly Scarlet ladies

By Suzanne Moore

I WARMLY welcome the new movement of people who are proclaiming proudly that they are asexual They have nothing to be ashamed of. Literally. They are just not into sex. There have always been people like this, many of them in long and probably happy marriages.

Asexuality seems to me an entirely logical and, indeed, radical response to our sexually saturated culture. This culture wrongly presumes that everyone is at it like rabbits and if they are not, they are weirdly repressed in fact, internet porn and lap-dancing are, for many, preferable to actual sex. You don't have to negotiate with another human being in a meaningful way.

When I saw that the new sex magazine Scarlet was being launched by some posh young women, all desperate to teli us how much they are gagging for it, beyond thinking 'How very late-Eighties', I couldn't have been less interested The readers they are looking for apparently like cocktails, vibrators and aspire to a pair of Manolos. Sex And The City saddos, in other words.

The women running Scarlet think they are appealing to female fantasy but they simply regurgitate male fantasies. They think they are daring by saying they like sex. That's about as daring as drinking a Bacardi Breezes.

No, those who have the power to shock these days are those who are not bothered about sex. Their refusal to join the party undermines the oppressiveness of these culture in which everyone has to keep asking despairingly: 'Are we having fun yet?'