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Media award

Every year, thousands of articles, features and news reports are written about...you guessed it...sex! Most, as you are no doubt aware, focus on how to get more of it, how to increase pleasure, best positions...the list goes on. The sex lives of celebrities are written about constantly and not a week goes by without sex appearing on the front cover of several magazines. Most disturbing of all is the proliferation of the sexual content in teenage magazines.

Of course sex sells. It always has and always will, but how many of us actually crave to read something different, and how many writers are courageous enough to put responsibility before profit? How many journalists are competent enough to give us something different, something wholesome, and yes, something original?

The mainstream media’s obsession with sex is undoubtedly harming the lives of individuals, families and partnerships. Currently, one in two marriages end in divorce – many because of sexual incompatibility, a quest for perfection in the bedroom, or a belief that despite finding someone who loves you, there’s someone else out there who can give you better. The media’s obsession with sex has to take some of the blame. Celibrate plans to offer an award to those journalists, writers, agony aunts and columnists who recognise and acknowledge that not all readers wish to be force-fed a diet of sex, scandal and sleaze. Are you working in the media? Can you produce positive articles, commentary or features about life without sex?

The Celibrate Award will be something to be proud of – a symbol of originality in a sometimes stale market, a trophy for writers who dare to be different, and an acknowledgment of courage in standing up for those who are often voiceless in today’s over-sexualised society.

Because length and content cannot be compared in terms of different genres, there will be three categories: commentaries, features and advice. Over time, we will be adding to the list of contenders below (let us know if you find anything!). In time, supporters will have a chance to vote for their favourite, and the winning writer will be presented with the first ever award of its kind.

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