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Celibacy = abstaining from sex, especially because of religious vows or chastity

To some extent, sexual abstinence and celibacy are words that are used interchangeably since their meanings are very much the same in modern day society. Sexual abstinence has always referred to choosing to refrain from sex, whereas celibacy used to refer to someone living a single life or who was unmarried. However, nowadays, since being single is not akin to being sexually abstinent in many cases, we now use the word celibacy to describe the act of abstaining from sex, especially because of religious vows or chastity. Since one can abstain from virtually anything at any point in their lifetime and for any reason, those abstaining from sex due to religious beliefs or chastity often prefer to use the term celibate rather than abstinent when describing themselves. Whether the term abstinence or celibacy is used, both nonetheless refer to an act of self-control which can show strength of character and can contribute to a stronger self-awareness.

Sexual abstinence is practiced by many individuals, for many different reasons – most commonly religious and/or moral reasons – and for many others it is simply a positive lifestyle choice. Some people have little or no desire for sex, others have found that having sex didn’t live up to their expectations, and yet others see sex as simply an unnecessary part of their already full lives.