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Many well-known people past and present have chosen to forsake sex in favour of other pursuits, most of them going on to achieve great things in their respective fields of expertise. Here are just a few below. Let us know if you have anyone you think we should add to the list!

CELI-BRITY list of honour

J. M. BarrieJ.M.Barrie, author of the children’s classic Peter Pan is rumoured to have been asexual. In the much acclaimed film, ‘Return to Neverland’ Johnny Depp cut the perfect role as Mr Barrie, who was himself a Peter Pan like figure, preferring to be around children rather than adults, and gaining much inspiration from their company. Even if not asexual, he had certainly made a conscious decision not to pursue sex to the extent that many people do today.

Sir Isaac NewtonScientist Sir Isaac Newton is rumoured to have spent his entire life as a virgin, preferring instead to concentrate on his experiments and research, thus channelling his energies into a higher cause.

Natasha BedingfieldNatasha Bedingfield: Multi-talented singer-songwriter Natasha is a Christian and has been successful without having to sexualise her image or her lyrics. Her recent song ‘Single’ proclaims the benefits of living a single and chaste life.

Daniel BedingfieldDaniel Bedingfield: Another hugely talented Bedingfield, Daniel is an outspoken Christian whose song lyrics reflect his faith.

Cliff RichardSir Cliff Richard is open about his Christian beliefs and chaste lifestyle. Interestingly yet another Peter Pan like figure, his Christian faith has played a major role in his choice to live a celibate life.

Cameron StoutIn 2003, Scottish Christian Cameron Stout won top prize in the UK’s popular fly-on-the-wall show Big Brother whilst standing true to his faith. Cameron admitted openly that he was a virgin who was waiting for marriage before having sex.

Shaun MurphySnooker world champion Shaun Murphy is a born-again Christian and remained a virgin until he wed after his snooker victory in 2005.

Marlene DietrichSultry actress Marlene Dietrich hated sex, according to her daughter Maria Riva. However, in an interview with German magazine Bunte, she said this did not deter countless men from pursuing her and that, sex or no sex, all of her lovers wanted to marry her regardless.

George Frideric Handel

George Frideric Handel, celebrated composer, was a life long batchelor and threw all his energies into his work, which went on to influence Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.