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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t this website a waste of time? Surely there aren’t many people who aren’t having sex? And why would they choose not to?

It would be wrong to assume that everyone is having sex just because they say so, or because you think that they are. It has recently been estimated that up to 1% of the population could be asexual (without a sex drive). That’s a huge number of people. Even larger numbers are choosing to wait until marriage before having sex, or adopting celibacy as a lifestyle choice. In a world rife with STIs stemming largely from promiscuity, sexual abstinence is an empowering and healthy option.

Is this just for those following a particular faith?

Although faith is one major reason why people make wise decisions such as waiting to get married before having sex, you would be surprised at how many people are choosing to stay abstinent for all kinds of reasons. It is a complete myth to suggest that only those following a particular religious doctrine would make such a positive lifestyle choice.

I have always been a loner and have never really found anyone interested in me sexually. As an unhappy celibate, can Celibrate introduce me to others with similar experiences?

Celibrate is primarily for those people who are happy to live without sex and not those searching for a sexual relationship. If you are celibate we can certainly help and encourage you in your choice, helping you to see the benefits that society often doesn’t want you to see. There are already many organisations in existence that cater for those who want sex, but very few catering for those who choose to live without.

Aren’t you just preaching? You’ll never change people.

Celibrate is not a movement; neither are we trying to change people. What we are doing is providing support for individuals that have for far too long had no support, no encouragement and nobody to turn to.

If nobody had sex, we would all die out. Sex is natural, so why deny it?

We are not here to change people – just to educate. There will always be people who want sex and thus the human race will inevitably continue, but just as it is not realistic to suggest that everyone refrain, so also is it unrealistic to suggest that the desire for sex is inbuilt into us all at all times.

Do I have to be a member to access the site?

Not at all! The site is open to anyone, including those who do not identify with its stance. We are here to educate, inform and encourage.