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Friday, 12 January 2007 08:20
Thnx a lot for your splendid site. I learned a lot of interesting things from it alles gute :)
Thursday, 11 January 2007 02:08
This site, the incel article in particular, is a sad example of the radical anti-sex atitude infecting the Church today and making life difficult and unhappy for believers.
Hobert Robbins
Friday, 5 January 2007 14:09
Someone has really finally found a really useful purpose for the internet. Can anyone image just how many people in the world would benefit with some responsible restraint in sexual activity. Just looking at the photos on your website, can we not image those people as "beautiful" persons free of sexually transmitted disease as compared to beautiful young women ravaged with for example, aids. Can anyone with aids really be considered, "beautiful?" One of my favorite epigramic stories goes as follows- You can have any philosophy you like, you can have any politics you like,you can have any religion you want, but you can have only one Universal Supreme Creator. If you think not, please explain how over 6.4 billion people exist and coesist around the world breathing the same air, drinking the same waterif they do not have the same creator. If you should still think not, please explain how doctors and the medical profession around the world are able to interchange human body parts and human body fluids if we all do not have the same Universal Supreme Creator? AS you can readily see, celibracy is most definitely a global challenge, inherently from the commonality of human experience. Best Regards from Englewood, Ohio U.S.A.
Tuesday, 2 January 2007 14:06
Very Interesting Thanks you for your work. Best regards.
Saturday, 30 December 2006 18:05
Hi all! Thank you for your site Resp. And Happy New Year. G'night
Kevin Wong
Friday, 1 December 2006 17:01
My name is Kevin Wong, and I am the author of the Heroes of Destiny trilogy of books. I am also a strong proponent of remaining a virgin until marriage. I just wanted to say that your site is great, and that I hope more people around the world will realize having sex before marriage is not a good thing to do, and that virginity is the highest honour any of us will ever have in our lives. Sincerely, Kevin Wong Author of the Heroes of Destiny Trilogy of Books
Friday, 17 November 2006 06:42
I wish i had the skills to design sites as good as this one - brilliant site!
Thursday, 16 November 2006 14:25
Being brought up as a christian has instilled in me morals that I will never ignore. I am saving myself for marriage whenever that will be, this is a decison I made many moons ago and I feel proud that at the age of 37 I am still a virgin, which is very rare in todays society. I would say to those of you out there who are fellow vigins too stay strong as good things come to those who wait. All the best
Tuesday, 7 November 2006 05:43
I have a very low sex drive due to antidepressants and disenchantment with the dating scene. Me: 42-year-old female professional, divorced, no kids, two cats, self-supporting, funny, play guitar, sing, enjoy dining out, having a few drinks, staying in, reading. Seeking a life partner. I believe in God, not church; I love Scotland, all things paranormal, and am a history and literature nut. I'm classy, a great conversationalist, well-educated, and attractive.
Sunday, 5 November 2006 17:38
it is good to know there are others out there following this lifestyle. regardless of background, (i myself am a buddhist) i am glad the commodification of sex and its unnecessary lustful tendencies within society have not permeated all. much peace and love, scarlet.
Sunday, 5 November 2006 01:27
You site very super nice. Thanks.
Thursday, 2 November 2006 12:43
Hallo! site the best! :)
Tuesday, 31 October 2006 20:00
I've never had sex and never plan to. It is just something that does not interest me.
Thursday, 26 October 2006 19:24
At last someone else has recognised the benefits of living without sex! I love reading women's magazines but avoid so many because they all spew out the same sexual and identity messages, not everyone wants to be a youthful size 6 with a different partner every night. Perhaps this website will prompt them to write for a wider audience.
C Potter
Friday, 20 October 2006 15:41
What a brilliant website - one of the most colourful and attractive sites that I have come across. Keep up the good work Celibrate - you are are much needed resource and counterculture balance to the hideous pornographic industry and the sex education secular liberal propagandists who are sexualising our young and our society. I hope that many people will take encouragement and inspiration from your work - as I have.
Saturday, 23 September 2006 05:17
It is wonderful to discover a site like yours. I have been involuntarily celibate for this entire year, after dating quite a bit and enjoying romance and all that goes with it. But looking back I believe I have not been happier than when having this freedom from that whole scenario. I don't feel that I am missing anything, I actually feel more complete than ever before. Whether this stage is temporary or permanent, I am glad that your site is available for people from all walks of life to gain insight.
Ryan Sloan
Wednesday, 30 August 2006 23:19
I find my life quite satisfactory as a celibate. I'm a thirty-two year old virgin who find the idea of having sex a waste of life's vital energies and too dangerous a commitment.
Anne-Marie Simpson
Wednesday, 30 August 2006 23:17
I'm fed up with friends looking at me sympathetically and saying I will meet a man soon. Why can't they accept that I have a very fulfilling and happy life without a partner? Where is it written that we are not complete or whole unless we have sex? I have seen many friends investing all of their energies into relationships only to walk away with nothing.
Leslie Spears
Wednesday, 30 August 2006 23:15
What we do not value we do not protect, what we do not protect, we lose
Ongama Mtimka
Wednesday, 30 August 2006 23:15
A celibate life is not easy, but it it fulfilling, gives you so much self-worth and gives spiritual satisfaction. It gives you pride and humility at the same time. If it weren't for wanting kids, I'd remain this way forever!
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