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If you have a website that relates to our aims and objectives, let us know and we'll list it here. Please let us know if you discover any broken links.


Love For Life

Love for Life aims to influence change within society so that young people have a healthy respect for themselves, relationships and sex.

Mediawatch UK

Mediawatch UK is carrying on the work of the late campaigner Mary Whitehouse in lobbying for a more wholesome media containing less explicit sex, gratuitous violence and bad language.

Safermedia (formerly mediamarch)
Safermedia was founded by two mothers of seven children between them. A registered charity, they campaign for a more wholesome media containing less explicit sex, violence and bad language.


Transfusion is a team of Christian leaders and youth leaders from different churches, who share a vision to reach youth with a loud, no compromise message of Jesus.

World In Need

World In Need is a non-profit, humanitarian relief and development agency devoted to changing attitudes all over the globe through aid and education, including abstinence education.