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Celibrate in the media

BBC South West                      20/02/11

Graham Torrington show

Charlotte speaks on singleness

BBC Radio Bristol/Devon        23/05/10

Graham Torrington show

Dee speaks about celibacy and Celibrate

BBC Radio Northampton        11/05/10

Bernie Keith show

Dee speaks about celibacy and Celibrate

Time Out magazine                  29/04/10

Charlotte is profiled as a celibate in a special sex edition

of the magazine

BBC Radio Solent                     11/07/08

Charlie Crocker show

Charlotte and Dee talk about celibacy

Premier Radio                           09/10/08

Maria Toth - Woman to Woman

Discussing marriage and asexuality

BBC Radio Suffolk 22/01/07
Nick Pandolfi show

Discussing Celibrate's aims, with public phone-in

Woman magazine 14/02/05
Celibrate is mentioned as part of a feature on women who don’t have sex

BBC Radio Northampton 13/02/05
Martin Heath Sunday Breakfast Show

Talking about marriage