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Medical reasons

Celibrate is all about enjoying life without sex and the constraints of a sexualized society, but there is obviously a limit to how much one can enjoy life and be free of constraint when one has a medical condition. Yet it is ironic that many people find a new found freedom in celibacy after a medical condition forces them to reassess both life and priorities. Both sufferer and their loved ones often realize what is really important (and what is not so important) through illness. A partner’s love and a person’s own priorities can be tested to their limits during the bad times, and particularly when such bad times include sacrificing a sex life that was once taken for granted. Yet there is no reason why those unable to have sex due to a medical condition should feel deprived, especially not now there is a growing number of people without medical problems who are choosing celibacy over sex.

We are not medically trained and do not profess to be experts in any of the conditions mentioned below, but we do know that there is incredible joy and peace to be found in the knowledge that others share our experiences and our re-assessment of life. We hope that the positive messages and encouragement given on this site will show those suffering such medical problems and their loved ones that a lack of sex doesn’t have to add to what has already been a painful road to travel. On the contrary, it has encouraged many couples to rekindle a love of each other that by far surpasses lust or sexual desire.

Some conditions that can result in enforced or desired celibacy include:
Vulval vestibulitis
Lichen sclerosis
Lichen simplex
Pudental neuralgia