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19 Sept 2014 - Sexually transmitted disease 'will be untreatable in five years'

The sexually transmitted disease gonorrhoea will be untratable in five years because of a surge in cases resulting from the rise in alternative lifestyles, and expert has warned. Peter Greenhouse, a consultant at the Bristol Sexual Health Centre in the UK, says time is running out before the disease becomes immune to the last effective drug. He has seen cases more than double in four years to more than 28,000 in 2013.

6 August 2011 - One fifth of girl drinkers have sex they later regret

A study of teenagers aged 15 and 16 has found that one in five female teens who consume alcohol at least once a week have got themselves so drunk that they have had sex that they regret.  More teen girls than teen boys are now drinking excessively.  Don Shenker, of Alcohol Concern said: "There is clearly a link between young girls' binge drinking and unplanned sex."  It's clear that the availability of alcohol (at least a third of those teens questioned said that they had bought the alcohol themselves) and the circumstances leading to teen drinking is fuelling a generation of teenagers who are risking damaging their health and their emotional wellbeing.

13 July 2011 - Sexually transmitted infections in Scotland have trebled in a decade

Sexually transmitted infections in Scotland have trebled in the last ten years.  New statistics show that cases of five STDs (herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphillis and HIV) have risen from 7,303 in 1999 to 22,540 in 2010.  The same study also reveals that 281 Scottish teens under the age of 16 contracted a sexually transmitted infection in 2007. This and other discouraging news here is the legacy left by years of sex education in schools and an increasingly unmonitored and oft encouraged sexualised society, based on rights without responsibility. and with seemingly no concern for the most vulnerable - our children.

11 July 2011 - New strain of gonorrhoea resistant to all drugs

A new strain of gonorrhoea has been identified that is resistant to all drugs, including cephalosporins, the usually effective antibiotics used to treat it.  Whilst only one case has been identified so far, medical practitioners believe that many other cases have gone unreported. 

18 June 2011 - Chart-topping songwriter condemns the music industry's 'descent into pornography'

Mike Stock, one of Britain's most successful songwriters and producers, has written an open letter to broadcasters and to media regulator, Ofcom, saying that pop music is on an 'unmistakable descent into pornography'.  In his letter, he speaks of the need for more control over unacceptable material in the media and calls on broadcasters to refuse to play videos or songs that are inappropriate, thus forcing companies to 'think again and clean up their act.'  He speaks of the public being desensitized into apathy, of attempts to strengthen the watershed being 'irrelevant', of advisory stickers being useless when one cannot sticker a download, and of Ofcom only having the ability to react after the damage has been done.  We at Celibrate applaud his letter in which he is making public what most people have been thinking for a number of years.

6 June 2011 - UK Prime Minister in moves to stop the sexualisation of children

The UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron, is backing moves to halt the sexualisation of children.  The Prime Minister has called for the creation of a website where parents can complain about inapproriate material.  Mothers' Union chief executive Reg Bailey has published a report containing recommendations based on a thorough survey of parents and others concerned with the wellbeing of children.  The Bailey Report calls on regulators to stamp out inappropriate sexual material shown before the watershed, sexually suggestive clothing that targets young children, internet pornography and sexual content in advertising. The Report also recommends that sexualised pop videos come with age ratings and that lads mags are sold in grey plastic wrappers or behind screens in newsagents.

April 2011 - UK watchdog deems clothing ads 'too sexual'

University outfitters Jack Wills has had images banned from its spring catalogue in a move that will help to protect young students from being bombarded with increasingly sexual imagery. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) labelled the images, which show partially nude models, "offensive and unsuitable", and too provocative for a young audience, following a number of complaints. Jack Wills attempted to defend its publication by claiming the brand was targeted at university students aged 18 to 22 and that customers would have to prove they were over 18.

But the ASA said in its final ruling that it understood younger teenagers could have both direct and indirect access to the catalogue.  University students often become the main targets of advertisers, some of whom are increasingly using sexual imagery as a way to attract attention to their brands.

March 2011 - US youths are rebelling against an overly sexualised culture

Rising numbers of young Americans are abstaining from sex, an official study by the National Survey of Family Growth has found. Some 29 per cent of females and 27 per cent of males aged 15 to 24 said they had never had any sexual contact. The figures have increased from 22 per cent for both sexes in 2002, when the large-scale research was previously carried out. The latest figures suggest a backlash against a society that has increasingly embraced a sex-without-responsibility culture. Unlike in Britain, where sex education tends to focus on contraception and having sex as long as you're 'ready' and 'safe', American lessons show more common sense in trying to discourage youngsters from having sex in the first place and do not consider abstinence an unrealistic choice.

Justin BieberFebruary 2011 - 'I don't think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them' says teen sensation Justin Bieber

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, teen heart-throb Justin Bieber speaks out against casual, uncommitted sex, saying that sex belongs only in a loving relationship. Showing a maturity beyond his years, he said, 'I don't think that you should have sex with anyone unless you love them.'  When asked if he believes in abstinence until marriage, he replied: 'I think you should just wait for the person you're in love with.'  Bieber, who comes from an evangelical Christian background, was asked some difficult questions for someone so young, including questions on politics, abortion and rape.

January 2011 - Thirty year old virgin: so what's the big deal? asks OprOprahah Winfrey
Behind-the-scenes footage of Oprah Winfrey making decisions on what topics to cover on her hugely popular show have revealed that she has rallied in support of people who remain virgins until into their thirties and beyond.  The day before taping a show about 30-year-old virgins, Oprah strongly disagrees with members of her team who believe that being a 30-year-old virgin is something unusual and rightly questions the intention of the show. She goes on to say that if those pitching the programme think that a 30 year old virgin should be checking herself out, then they should actually be checking themselves out, and asking themselves what's wrong with their own views. Way to go, Oprah! You can watch the pre-show meeting here.

20 December 2010 - UK's Coalition government set to block pornography websites

Internet sites containing pornography will be automatically blocked from home computers and only given access in an 'opt in' system.  Ministers want to protect the young and vulnerable and change the current situation whereby such sites are accessible to anyone, through choice or accident, unless a lock is installed.  The Coalition government will endeavour to persuade internet firms to implement this system voluntarily.  This is fabulous news for the many people who approach us who want to maintain chastity and yet struggle with resisting the temptation to view such sites, as well as long overdue good news for the young and vulnerable who often stumble across such sites when innocently searching for something else online. 

2nd October 2010 - Where Did You Pick That Up?

Celibrate had a stand and we were privileged to be invited to sCelibrate stallpeak at Anglican Mainstream's 'Where Did You Pick That Up?' conference.  It was tremendously encouraging to meet some of our subscrlbers there, and to spend the day with so many people who share the same concerns about sex education in the UK.  Dr Trevor Stammers gave a very well prepared and enlightening speech on the myths we are fed regarding 'safer sex' and sex ed in general.  Miranda Suit from 'Safer Media' bravely spoke about pornography and her own past struggles with this delibilatating addiction. Sue Relf from 'Challenge Team', as well as many other organisations battling against an over-sexualised climate, gave a summary of the excellent work they are doing in schools, and Lisa Nolland from Anglican Mainstream - the dynamo behind this conference - showed shocking evidence of the material being promoted by Thesite.org and the National Health Service under the guise of 'sexual health'.  Many other good and worthy organisations and individuals, too numerous to list, were present for this thought-provoking and powerful event.

September 2010 - Britain's oldest virgins?

We often get emails and letters from young people who needlessly worry that they're 'too old' to be a virgin. Usually, they just need some reassurance that being a virgin is actually something that you shouldn't feel obligated to get rid of, and that celibacy can actually be a very healthy lifestyle choice.IsaAnd what better examples are there than two delightful women who are still both virgins, and proud of it.  Isa Blyth (left) has never been kissed, let alone had sex.  Isa from Edinburgh in Scotland recently celebrated her 106th birthday and rather than feeling she's missed out, she believes that her celibate life has kept her strong.  She says, "As far as romance was concerned, it never entered my life.  I was always too busy doing other things."  Her niece Sheena Campbell says of the former secretary, "She is an amazing character.  She never had time to be sad because, if she wasn't caring for friends and family, she was gardening or enjoying a bit of golf.  Oh, and she did like the odd sherry, though, as a treat."

You would think that Isa is indeed Britain's oldest virgin, but in fact, the woman who is believed to hold that title is Clara Meadmore, who will turn 107 on October 4th. Like Isa, she also comes from Scotland (Glasgow-born) although she is now in a nursing home in Cornwall.  Also, like Isa, she too is a former secretary.  She believes that intimate relationships are 'a lot of hassle' and would have got in the way of her career.  In 2008, she told the media, "People have asked whether I'm homosexual and the answer is no.  I have just never been interested in or fancied having sex."

Clara as a young woman, and today
Clara today, and (right) as a young woman

July 2010 - One in eight teenage girls pregnant by the age of 18

According to new government figures, one in eight girls in the UK has been pregnant by the age of 18.  More than a third of the 8500 teens in the Department of Educaton study had had an abortion.  The highest rates were seen among those given free school meals and among those who achieved poor GCSE results, suggesting that those from poorer backgrounds are possibly more likely to turn to sex and/or pregnancy due to low self worth, as a 'way out' of difficulties, or as an attempt to feel loved or worthy. Once again, this emphasises the need for young people to be given the chance to engage is pursuits that lead to lasting self worth. Official statistics show that the UK has the highest teenage pregnancy rates in western Europe. 

June 2010 - Swingers 'fuelling sex infections in over-45s'

Older 'swingers' who insist on and enjoy swapping sexual partners are to blame for soaring rates of sexually transmitted infections, says a Dutch study. Researchers in Geleen studied records from three different Dutch clinics from 2007 to 2008 and found that partner-swappers accounted for 55% of all STIs in patients over the age of 45.  The Sexually Transmitted Infections Journal says that swingers 'may potentially act as an STI transmission bridge to the entire population'.

May 2010 - Survey of 2000 married women suggests sex can sometimes feel like an obligation

A survey by the pregnancy and parenting website, iVillage, shows that only 37% of the 2,000 women questioned said that there was nothing else they would rather do than make love to their husbands, and 55% admitted that they sometimes had sex out of marital obligation. A good percentage admitted that when it came to free time, sex wasn't always top priority. In fact, many married women said they'd often prefer an hour of sleep (41%), reading a book (16%) or watching a movie (21%).

April 2010 - Our very own Charlotte is profiled in Time Out magazine

Charlotte appears in the sex edition of London's Time Out magazine, giving a voice to young professional celibates in the capital and beyond ---->>>>

February 2010 - A quarter of women over 35 say they never have sex...

...according to a recent poll released by the Sky Real Lives cable channel.  Of the 745 women questioned, 28% said

that they abstain from sex.  The highest figure occurred in Scotland, where 38% said that they are celibate.  It wasn't clear from media reports as to whether those women questioned were in a relationship or single.


Joe McElderry

December 2009 - Joe McElderry proves himself a role model

Teenage  heart-throb, Joe McElderry, who just stormed to fame as the winner of UK talent show, The X-Factor, has said that he has no time for girlfriends.  He says, "I've had girlfriends, but I don't have one right now. I haven't slept with anyone, but I'm a young lad and I'm concentrating on my music. I know I'll probably get offers but, for me, it's all about the singing for now." He added: "Being recognised means you have to be really careful. I say, 'Enjoy it, but don't go over the top'. At the minute, the last thing on my mind is a girlfriend."  What a worthy - and wise - winner. 


December 2009 - Celibrate's Director becomes an Ambassador for Peace

In a ceremony which took place in London on 12th December, the founding director of Celibrate was honoured to receive an Ambassador for Peace Award from the Women's Federation for World Peace, for her work with the organisation.  The Award recognises that 'living for the sake of others is the way to reconcile the divided human family' and that 'we are one human family, created by God, and beyond the boundaries of ethnicity, religion and nationality'.  

December 2009 - Celibrate wins over students at the University of Leicester

On 4th December, our founding director, together with Linda Marshall, a representative from the Christian Union, were panellists in a debate entitled, 'This house believes in abstinence before marriage'.  Up against representatives from Children and Young People Now and the NHS' Clamydia Screening organisation, we stole the show, with around 95% of the students being in favour of committed rather than permissive sex.  Some of the questions put to the opposition by the students themselves were so intelligently framed that one has to wonder whether today's young people are actually more on the ball than they're sometimes given credit for.  Our thanks go out to the sabbatical team who wanted to reach out to the sexually abstinent after realising that previous Sexual Health and Guidance Weeks had only focussed on the sexually active.

November 2009 - Twilight teaches teenage girls that abstinence can be sexy, says Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson, the 23-year-old British star who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies, says that the secret of Twilight's teen appeal is in the chaste relationship between the two lead characters.  He told the Daily Telegraph, "The success of the Twilight books comes from the fact that fans can lust after Edward and yet, certainly in the first book, there's no actual sexual contact between him and the series' heroine. Twilight is a big metaphor for sexual abstinence, and yet it's erotic underneath.  There are so many elements in the story which are sexy."

October 2009 - Jab leads to potential promicuity

One in seven schoolgirls admits the cervical cancer jab could lead to them becoming more promiscuous, a survey has found. They say they are more likely to take sexual risks in the future because they are protected against the sexually transmitted HPV virus, which causes 70 per cent of cervical tumours.  The poll of more than 500 12 and 13-year-old girls in Manchester found 19% are afraid boys may expect them to take more chances, while 14% say they would be likely to take risks after being vaccinated. The nationwide vaccination programme for 12 to 18-year-olds is likely to lead to a rise in sexual infections because girls may think it protects them against all diseases. There are also fears that it will lead to a rise in the rate of teenage pregnancy - already the highest in Western Europe. However, according to the poll, funded by GlaxoSmithKline, 79 per cent of girls said having the jab reminded them of the possible risks of sexual contact.  Each year around 2,800 British women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and more than 1,000 die from the disease.

September 2009 - Too tired for sex?  You're not alone

"I'm too tired"  has become the most used excuse to avoid sex, according to OnePoll.com's survey of 4000 adults . "I've got a headache'' has now fallen to number three in the list behind ''I'm not in the mood''. Other white lies to make the top five included ''I've got to get up early in the morning'' and ''I'm pre-occupied with work''.  Three quarters of those polled said that they simply "can't be bothered."  Four out of 10 women admitted pretending they were asleep compared to five out of 10 men. And four out of 10 men said they avoided getting into bed at the same time as their partner in case they suggested sex.

May 2009 - Is sex education working?  According to figures released by the Government the number of diagnoses of sex infections among under-16s in England rose by 58% from 2,474 in 2003 to 3,913 in 2007. The biggest increase was in cases of chlamydia, the most common sexually transmitted infection, which rose by an astonishing 90%, with genital herpes up by 42% and genital warts by a third. Cases of syphilis doubled.

April 2009 - A third of men would prefer to play video games rather than have sex with their partners, according to research...

...and an even larger proportion - 72% in fact - said that they would forsake sleeping with their other halves for the chance to play a brand new game.  Reasons ranged from partners being 'too hard to please' to 'not being as much fun' as a video game.  PlaySation3 site PS3 Price Compare questioned 1,130 men in relationships for the study, asking them, 'which would you prefer; sex with your partner or an evening playing video games?'

March 2009 - Is Jade Goody's imminent death a warning to an over sexualised world?
We would have to be made of stone not to feel for Jade Goody as she suffers so much pain. She also hJade Goodyas the pain of leaving her loved ones behind, including two young boys. Many more sexually active women have been getting smear tests, having seen Jade's agony.  However, smear tests can only detect and not prevent cervical cancer.  Jade's story is surely a warning to a highly sexualised society that uncommitted sex can kill.  With so many sexually transmitted infections running rampant now, is it any wonder that more people are turning to celibacy?  The only way to avoid a sexually transmitted infection is to either abstain from sex or only have sex in a lifelong, mutually faithful relationship with someone else who is uninfected.  The answer isn't in condoms or smear tests.

March 2009 - Ann Widdecombe, the popular author and MP for Maidstone, has confirmed in an interview with the Radio Times that she is still a virgin.  Having been asked by nosy journalists in the past, she had always said it was nobody's business, but she has finally admitted that she "never done it...if you like to put it like that."  Good on Ann for being brave enough to admit to something many feel needlessly ashamed of.

February 2009 - Times are indeed a-changing. Prolific erotic fiction writer Emily Dubberley has been in contact with us and applauds what we're doing! She said: " I spent six months celibate a couple of years ago to help resolve some issues I had going on at the time and it was a really useful experience, so I applaud what you're doing. I also think there's far too much pressure on people to have sex: even though it's an area that I write about, my approach is very much about helping people make their own choices of which celibacy is a very valid option" (by email 17/2/09).

February 2009 - We have been campaigning to get Snack-A-Jacks to change their suggestive packaging which makes innuendos relating to the Karma Sutra.  Whilst no offensive pictures are used, the suggestive wording and the bare women's legs are not really appropriate or neccessary for a snack which is enjoyed by entire families. Many of our subscribers emailed the company about the packaging, and one supporter has just forwarded his email to us which reads:" We can advise that whilst some packs with this pack design are still in market (due to the length of the shelf life of the product), we are planning to change our Snack-a-Jacks packaging. The packaging currently features a promotion in conjunction with the film Confessions of a Shopaholic and once this has ended our Snack-a-Jacks range will carry a revised pack design." Well done to everyone who helped with this campaign! Let's hope that the new packs will be more family friendly.

Ben Richardson from CorrieFebruary 2009 - Popular evening soap Coronation Street (or Corrie, as it's known to fans) has introduced a devout evangelical Christian character in the form of Ben (Lucien Laviscount).  Clean-cut Ben, star of the school swimming team, is the first boyfriend of Sophie Webster, played by actress Brooke Vincent. The couple are taking a pledge of celibacy as a sign of commitment to their faith.  At the time of writing, Sophie's dad is pleased with her vow, although others are implying that it's an odd thing to do.  Let's hope that, as the story unfolds, it encourages more young people to consider celibacy as a viable and realistic choice.Celibrate says: unfortunately, the pledge didn't last long - what a shame that programme makers so often seek to denigrate all that is good and positive, especially since they hold such influence.

January 2009 - Our Charlotte appeared in Best magazine with her mum as part of their 'two sides to every story' slot. Charlotte spoke about how she is happy to stay celibate despite her mum's hopes that she might find a man and settle down.


December 2008 - Hayley from Hull (right) has spoken to us about her life as a 27 year old virgin. She's out at the stables by day, and out clubbing with her mates in the evening, totally exploding the myth that life as a virgin is boring. If you are a UK reader, you can see her inspiring story in More! magazine, out on16th December.


November 2008 - On 3rd November, our lovely spokesperson Charlotte Baird was in the Daily Mail, speaking about her life as a 36 year old virgin, what celibacy means to her, and how it has been a choice that she doesn't regret. Shortly after this, on 12th November, she appeared as a guest on GMTV's Lorraine Kelly show.  Charlotte wore her Celibrate wristband, but unfortunately she was not allowed to mention the organisation.  Despite this, Charlotte enjoyed being pampered and sharing a make up room with Arlene Philips and Suzanne Shaw. Happy, confident and a joy to watch, she shows by example that you really can be single, celibate and satisfied.


October 2008 - Results are now in for our Great Celibrate Survey!  Many thanks to all of those who gave of your time to submit your views on the website and organisation.  You can be sure that we have taken note of everything you have said and will look at your responses carefully when considering new initiatives. Results of the survey can be viewed here. Note that any information which might identify a respondent has been removed to protect your privacy. For this reason, open ended questions are not displayed.


June 2008 - The Global Anglican Future Conference opened on Sunday 22 June in Jerusalem. At registration, 1,200 delegates from 29 countries received Celibrate leaflets and support cards. Chaired by Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria, the meeting is addressing the crucial topic of Biblical teaching on human sexuality.


May 2008 - Relationship counsellors are reporting a 40 percent increase in male clients admitting that they do not want sex, in spite of being physically able to.  Peter Bell, head of practice at Relate, said: 'Men used to come to us with impotence but Viagra has sorted out some of that problem.  What we have now is a lot of men who are saying, as women did in the Fifties: "I can have sex, but I don't want to.  It's not rewarding".  Mr Bell said, "They tend to be men in their thirties, forties and fifties and married." Mr Bell goes on to suggest that because these men still love their partners and simply no longer want sex, it counts as a psychosexual dysfunction, rather than just a relationship problem.  Celibrate says: Once again, we have to ask the question - who decides that sex has to be a compulsary part of a relationship? Who chooses to describe a non sexual relationship as inferior and what is their agenda? Simply not wanting sex isn't a big deal.  The counsellor, the psychologist, the psychiatrist, the doctor, and the pharmaceutical companies make it a problem, because it's to their own advantage.

April 2008 - Amanda Merchant, one of the twins from the Big Brother house, confessed to Love It! magazine that she felt embarassed when her ex- boyfriend told the press that during their seven months together, they'd never had sex, but she was not ashamed.  "Of course I was embarrassed - but I'm not ashamed," she told the magazine.  "The fact is we didn't have sex because I believe it's important for girls to wait to get to know a guy before sleeping with them.  I have too much self-respect to rush into bed with a man.  I've never had a one-night stand and I don't intend to. Too many girls have underage sex these days.  I think they shold wait until they're at least 16 before thinking about having sex.  Most younger girls aren't emotionally mature enough."  Celibrate says: It is wonderful to see someone so young expressing such wisdom.  However, since Amanda first had sex at 17, she might see 16 as a good cut-off point. In our opinion, sixteen is still much too young - something that many young people only realise years later, with much regret.

April 2008 - A study of abstinence programs in the USA has shown that 16 out of 21 are working and producing positive and encouraging results.  Studies of abstinence programs have shown that abstinent teens report, on average, better psychological well-being and higher academic achievement than those who are sexually active. Delaying the beginning of or reducing early sexual activity among teens can decrease their overall exposure to risks of unwed childbearing, STDs, and psycho-emotional harm. Authentic abstinence programs are therefore crucial to efforts aimed at reducing unwed child­bearing and improving youth well-being.

Lenny Kravitz

January 2008 - Singer Lenny Kravitz (left) says that he has not had sex for three years and will not break his vow until he has wed his "perfect woman". The singer, who has been romantically linked to a string of celebrities including Kylie, Madonna, Nicole Kidman and Vanessa Paradis, told Maxim magazine: "It's just a promise I've made until I get married. Where I'm at in life, the women have got to come with something else, not just the body, but the mind and spirit. It usually trips them out, but that’s the way it’s going to be. I’m looking at the big picture.” 

Rebecca Reilly

July 2007 - The first article written about Celibrate comes from talented 14 year old teenager Rebecca Reilly, (right) who was so encouraged and inspired by the website that she decided to write an article which has been printed on the Assist News website. See Rebecca's excellent piece in full here.


May 2007 - We had a wonderful time at the Christian Resources Exhibition in Esher, Surrey on 15-18 May. It was our first exhibition and the organisers did us proud. We had the pleasure of speaking to so many chaste youngsters, virgins in their teens to eighties, youth leaders, Catholic priests, parents concerned about the welfare of their youngsters, teachers and many many other people.  It was fabulous to see that those who hesitated on approaching us left feeling positive and uplifted, but we actually gained as much encouragement as those who came to our stand.  It was great too, to be situated next to the lovely Romance Academy and our ongoing joke was that their table was 'no sex please, we're teenagers' whilst a bit further on, ours was 'no sex please, we're adults'!


March 2007 - Celibrate.org is already getting 3000 unique visitors per month despite the fact that we haven't had the time to send out press releases or sufficient money to advertise our existence!


Rivers Cuomo

October 2006 - Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo says he owes their new album's success to his vow of celibacy.  He gave up sex as part of his programme of meditation and says, "I decided to try celibacy because I head it would help with the music.  So, it all really comes back to the music. I know I can hear a difference in my singing. My voice just sounds much more sensitive and dynamic now."



14 February 2006 - Finally, Celibrate, the world's first organisation dedicated solely to upholding and supporting people who aren't having sex, goes live on the internet!  It wasn't planned for the launch to fall on Valentine's Day - a day usually reserved for lovers - but the date now has a certain significance for single celibates too, who no longer need to feel isolated, misunderstood or unusual.  Watch this space!

17 December 2004 - The domain names were purchased for Celibrate.org and other prefixes.