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Vigilante Virgins                 

Vigilante = watchful, wakeful, alert (Collins English Dictionary) 

Are you annoyed about something and want to make a stand? Maybe you are tired of how sex is portrayed in the media, without a thought for how you feel? Maybe a local shop is stocking too many magazines of a sexual nature on its accessible shelves? Perhaps an agony aunt has given out irresponsible or potentially harmful advice?

We live in a society that is saturated by sexual imagery. It is only reasonable to expect certain places and responsible people to provide a safe haven for the young and for those who do not want to be confronted by sexual imagery on a daily basis. We at Celibrate cannot possibly know what is happening in every community, but you can help by letting us know if you feel there is something you are concerned about. If we can build up a large enough body of people, we can work together – writing to magazines that are providing inappropriate material for their age range, asking shops to take items from their shelves that could be causing offence, lobbying agony aunts who are not sensitive to the needs and experiences of those who do not want sex. The more ‘vigilantes’ we have, the more influence we can assert. In the meantime, we would ask that you all be watchful, wakeful and alert to what is going on in your community, and let us know if there is anything you think we all should know about.


March 2009 - Snack-A-Jacks to remove sexualised images from their packaging


We asked people to write to the makers of Snack-A-Jacks in order to complain about their packaging, which for some time has been showing sexually suggestive pictures. Well, thanks to one of our supporters who has recently taken time out to complain, we have the following assurance:

"We really appreciate hearing from our consumers who take the trouble to let us know their preferences regarding our products. A great deal of research goes into the design of our packaging and please be assured that we fully comply with current stringent advertising guidelines. We can advise that whilst some packs with this pack design are still in market (due to the length of the shelf life of the product), we are planning to change our Snack-a-Jacks packaging. The packaging currently features a promotion in conjunction with the film Confessions of a Shopaholic', and once this has ended our Snack-A-Jacks range will carry a revised pack design."

Success! Many thanks to those of you who pursued this especially to the gentleman who sent us this reponse!


Snack-A-Jacks sell out to sexualising their customers

It has come to our attention that Quaker, part of the Pepsico corporation, have for the past year been distributing Snack-A-Jacks in all UK supermarkets and most other food retail outlets.  However, it seems that this once family-friendly company have sold out to sexualising their (often very young) consumers by needlessly putting insinuations to the Karma Sutra on the back of all their Snack-A-Jack products. What on earth persuaded their marketing team to do this? Do we want to be subject to this propaganda when simply buying a snack? You can ask them yourselves here: quaker.consumer@quaker.co.uk or here: thurmaston.consumer@intl.pepsico.com or call 0800-0324490 (Consumer Care) or 0116-2342357 (Pepsico) or 0203-0036362 (Pepsico Press Office). Do let us know if you receive a response.