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Virgin = one who has never had sexual intercourse

Many moral and religious groups advocate pre-marital chastity, which refers to a life of purity, modesty and decency that affects the entire character of a person. However, it is not just moral and religious groups who are seeing the benefits of such a life. Many parents of all faiths and none want to see their children living a life of chastity and purity, if only because of the serious health and social concerns of doing the opposite in our modern day somewhat promiscuous society.

The concepts of virginity, chastity and morality, despite being akin to what is good, pure and virtuous, have seemingly inherited a taboo label in today’s somewhat selfish, promiscuous and sexually orientated society to such a degree that we often hear of youngsters who cannot wait to get rid of their virginity! We surely have to ask ourselves how we have allowed society to get to a state in which morals are completely turned on their heads, and what is good is spoken of as if it were evil, detestable and something to be ashamed of.

Exercising sexual constraint is considered virtuous. By living a chaste life until marriage, partners are able to bring purity, no risk of sexually transmitted infections and a totally clean slate to the marriage bed, truly having saved themselves for each other. There can surely be nothing quite as romantic as this. For those who have no desire to marry, living a chaste life as a virgin can be profoundly rewarding and incredibly liberating.